1. Take everything out of your closet and evaluate the space – hang double rods if necessary, hooks, & shelves to utilize the space efficiently – this would also be the perfect time to paint the inside of the closet.
  2. Stack bulky items on shelves using clear plastic shelf dividers & group by color, use an over-the-door shoe organizer as a great space saver, & experiment with different options for your scarves & belts…pretty hardware may be just the right thing.
  3. Place all the hangers facing out & after wearing an article of clothing, hang the hanger in the opposite direction…this is a great way to keep track of what you have worn over a period of time (seasonal).
  4. Color-coded hangers automatically take a closet from okay to fabulous!
  5. A great rule-of-thumb to keep the clutter at bay is…one item purchased…donate two (once this habit is embraced it becomes second nature to purge!
I can walk you through this process in no time which will free up YOUR time to dedicate to something else…give me a call!