The holiday season is always the best time to be more generous & compassionate towards the needs of others.  You’re most likely thinking that I am referring to the amount of gifts to buy for your loved ones…right?  Actually, I’m suggesting adopting a ‘Generous-Frame-of-Mind’ year round and not only from Thanksgiving to Christmas.  In other words, keep that generous holiday giving spirit everyday of every year.

As a Professional Organizer, I often encounter a client whose biggest obstacle is parting with their unused goods such as housewares, clothing, etc.  There is always a reason why people don’t want to part with things they treasure and cherish.  Yet, ninety-five percent of the time, all of that memorabilia is packed away in the attic or basement.  Why not bless someone with what is no longer useful to you?  As I list and explain about the many organizations who provide a great vehicle in distributing contributions that make a difference in the lives of those in need, the grip on their unused goods eases up and the donation pile starts to accumulate.

One organization that is near & dear to me is The Saint Vincent de Paul Society.  Members (Vincentians) give of their time, talent & expertise, on a person-to-person basis, to help those in need; whether it be monetary, spiritual, or otherwise.  If you are interested in learning more, visit their web site at

Surrey Senior Services serves Delaware, Montgomery, & Chester County, as well as many neighborhoods in Philadelphia.  This organization is dedicated to providing assistance to seniors which enables them to lead an independant life.  Many of their services are funded through donations to their thrift shop, consignment shop, & monetary donations as well.  When I pull up to the thrift store in Broomall, PA, the volunteers are not only grateful, but also elated knowing that what my clients have donated will enable more services.  Visit their web site at

Another wonderful organization is your local animal shelter.  The Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention & Cruelty to Animals (PSPCA) is one of the first humane societies established.  Their good works have not only saved the lives of many animals, but have also enriched the lives of those who have adopted their ‘forever friend’.  Any local animal shelter welcomes new or used animal toys, food, towels, and of course, monetary donations.  Visit their web site at

So, when you are debating on whether or not to keep an item, ask yourself, “Have I used this in the past 6 months to a year?” or better yet, “Would this item be useful to someone in need?”  Once again, Why not bless someone with what is no longer useful to you?