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March Madness

No, I am not talking basketball…I am talking about that overwhealming feeling that has taken over concerning your clutter. Why not take the first step and give me a call to help you through the process…after all, spring is right around the corner!

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‘What to do with your seasonal entertaining essentials’

The holiday season has passed, the festivities are over, and the decorations are stored away. Now, what do you do with the extra paper products and utensils from all that entertaining? The answer’s easy. With a little time and some simple organizing, you’ll know exactly where to go the next time they’re needed.If you happen to have extra storage space in your kitchen or dining room such as a drawer or cabinet, problem solved. If not, make a small investment in a 3 or 4 […]

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New Year – Clean Slate!

This month marks the 8th year NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) has sponsored GO Month! An entire month dedicated to raising awareness of the benefits of hiring a professional organizer (like me) and being organized (what I can help you with). There isn’t a better reason to be in touch!

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‘Tis the Season to be Jolly and Generous’

The Holiday Season is always the best time to be more generous and compassionate towards the needs of others.  You’re most likely thinking I’m referring to the amount of gifts to buy for your family, friends and loved ones. Or, by supporting organizations […]

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Appreciate Cooking and Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner This Year

Some years ago, when we bought our new home, I hosted Thanksgiving for my husband’s family. Cooking for 26 people did not intimidate me, however, I was a bit apprehensive. You may be thinking, ‘You’re a professional organizer. Why would this have caused you any apprehension?’ Well, it’s normal when you are doing something that you love to do, for people whom you love; even though it’s on a more grand scale Nevertheless, my nerves got the best of me right up to the moment when I made my ‘Thanksgiving Checklist.’ […]

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Don’t Fall Back Into Bad Habits!

With the kids back in school, why not do something different and have a friend (that would be me) help you get your house back in order. When you have a designated home for all your belongings, it makes life easier and let’s face it…when Mom is happy, the household is happy!

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The Wonder With Being Organized

Although it may be hard to believe, many people wonder what really constitutes being organized. Some believe it is related to perfectionism while others believe it is only for type A personalities. Neither is true. Being organized is about finding peace in your space, having access to all that is important to you, while saving time and money. […]

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NAPO Chapter Mtg

I attended a great chapter meeting tonight which was our Strategic Planning Meeting for the upcoming year. There is so much to look forward to, to learn, and to share with all my wonderful clients! Why not consider working with a Professional Organizer…me!

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‘Was The Party Over Before The Invitations Were Sent?’

In most cases the party is over before the invitations are written and sent.  However, for so many, it’s not due to a conflicting schedule or event but rather because the thought of getting their house ‘Party-ready’ is far too daunting. Yet, it’s not too hard to believe at all when you consider the facts regarding todays’ life-style. [...]

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New Year ~ New You!

Please accept my best wishes to you and yours for the happiest New Year ever. May 2013 bring you God’s abundant blessings and all of life’s goodness. This year I’m adding a new wish to the list, a pursuit for ‘Organization.’ It’s common for people to equate the word ‘Organization’ with having a place for everything and everything in its place. Naturally, having the […]

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