There is nothing worse than getting to the beach or pool and realizing that you have forgotten some important items. With the upcoming holiday upon us, now would be the perfect time to get yourself organized and your beach bag ready. Starting off, a sturdy, waterproof bag is a must, preferably one that will fit over your shoulders for comfort. Although style is important, durability and comfort is key. Also, try to find a bag that has several compartments which will help to keep your items contained and organized. My next suggestion would be sunscreen. Why take a chance of getting a sunburn, invest in a sunscreen which provides both UVA/UVB protection. I prefer lotion for the face and spray for the rest of the body. Remember to reapply every few hours especially after swimming. Lip protection would be my next suggestion along with a pair of sunglasses. There is nothing worse than squinting all day because you neglected to bring sunglasses. Try a pair of polarized lenses which will cut the glare…trust me, you will love polarized lenses. I never sit in the sun without a hat or visor which is my next beach bag suggestion. A beach towel is also a must along with a good book! I would also suggest a change purse and some money for ice cream. Another way to keep your items organized and protected would be to use plastic resealable bags. Although many people now have waterproof cases for their phones, I still use the good old zip lock bag!

Remember to clean out your beach bag after each use and reorganize it for when you are ready to drop everything, sit back, and relax. Happy travels!