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A ‘Generous-Frame-Of-Mind’ Year Round

The holiday season is always the best time to be more generous & compassionate towards the needs of others.  You're most likely thinking that I am referring to the amount of gifts to buy for [...]

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Hosting a Stress-Free Thanksgiving Holiday…Is It Possible?

Would you believe me if I told you that it is possible to host Thanksgiving & be stress-free?  Well, hear me out.  Some years ago, when we bought our new home, I hosted Thanksgiving dinner [...]

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September is ‘National Preparedness Month’

This month we mark the 12th anniversary of September 11th and the 1 year anniversary of the wrath of Hurricane Sandy. How do you prepare yourself and your family for unforeseen events like these? Well [...]

8 Great Tips To Organize Kids’ Rooms

8 Great Tips To Organize Kids' Rooms By Cynthia Ewer, Author of Complete Idiot's Guide to Getting Organized It's the battle cry of millions of parents: "Clean your room!" Will it ring out in your [...]

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Beach Bag Essentials

There is nothing worse than getting to the beach or pool and realizing that you have forgotten some important items. With the upcoming holiday upon us, now would be the perfect time to get yourself organized and your beach bag ready. Starting off, a sturdy, waterproof bag is a must, preferably one that will fit over your shoulders for comfort. […]

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Artwork Overload

With school winding down, why not start a new tradition with you children and curate their artwork that has come home all year? We’ve all been there…piles of art projects and the awkward decision “toss” [...]

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