Believe it or not, it has taken me over three years to convince someone who is very near and dear to let me help get her closet in order? And, she has recommended me to many of her friends and family. Go figure?  Let me elaborate. For the past three years, I have continually heard: [...]

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‘Spring’ into Action!

When spring officially arrives, as it has, why not get ‘a head start’ and purge what may have mounted up this past season. Below is a list of items that tend to multiply in the average home.  Use this list as a guide and challenge yourself to tackle one item at a time. Gather up [...]

5 Ways To Keep Your Closet Organized

Take everything out of your closet and evaluate the space – hang double rods if necessary, hooks, & shelves to utilize the space efficiently – this would also be the perfect time to paint the inside of the closet. Stack bulky items on shelves using clear plastic shelf dividers & group by color, use an [...]

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