Artwork Overload

With school winding down, why not start a new tradition with you children and curate their artwork that has come home all year? We’ve all been there…piles of art projects and the awkward decision “toss” or “keep”. Have each child pick out “their” favorite art projects (say 10 pieces to start). Their #1 choice –have [...]

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‘What to do with your seasonal entertaining essentials’

The holiday season has passed, the festivities are over, and the decorations are stored away. Now, what do you do with the extra paper products and utensils from all that entertaining? The answer’s easy. With a little time and some simple organizing, you’ll know exactly where to go the next time they’re needed.If you happen to have extra storage space in your kitchen or dining room such as a drawer or cabinet, problem solved. If not, make a small investment in a 3 or 4 […]

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Don’t Fall Back Into Bad Habits!

With the kids back in school, why not do something different and have a friend (that would be me) help you get your house back in order. When you have a designated home for all your belongings, it makes life easier and let’s face it…when Mom is happy, the household is happy!

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‘Was The Party Over Before The Invitations Were Sent?’

In most cases the party is over before the invitations are written and sent.  However, for so many, it’s not due to a conflicting schedule or event but rather because the thought of getting their house ‘Party-ready’ is far too daunting. Yet, it’s not too hard to believe at all when you consider the facts regarding todays’ life-style. [...]

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Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Ever wonder what to do with your old, tattered American flags? Contact your local American Legion Hall or Scout Troop to inquire about their dignified flag burning ceremonies or drop it off at a designated mail box (like the one at Veterans Memorial Park or St. Pius X Kelly Center in Broomall, PA). Enjoy the [...]

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