Home Organizing Service


Is the attic in your home in need of an overhaul? Have you accumulated so much stuff over the years that you don’t remember what is up there? Believe it or not, this can be an organized area. With a little help from Divine Intervention your attic can go from “don’t go up there” to “yep, I know where my grandmother’s quilt is”!


Now may be the time to purge some of those toys that your children have outgrown. No matter how dense the accumulation, I can walk you through the process of purging, donating, & reorganizing your stuff so you can utilize the space efficiently!


Do you look forward to going to bed at night or do you procrastinate because your not able to relax in your intimate space? Your bedroom is your sanctuary, and yes, it can be transformed into an inviting environment!


Do you realize that if your space is organized by function it makes putting together a meal more attainable and less stressful. And, how about saving some money in the process. None of us need multiple jars of poppy seeds, but we have all been there because we never have our spices organized and we run to the foodstore and buy more. And honestly, how many serving platters & bowls does one person need? I have a wonderful local senior center that would be so grateful for all of your unused pieces.


Do you dread getting dressed in the morning because there is no rhyme or reason to your closet? I can organize your space so that getting dressed in the morning is an exciting event! I love fashion and have a keen eye on putting together outfits for any occasion. Let me help you coordinate outfits weeks in advance which takes the task off your list!


With a few minor adjustments, I can make getting out of your home a dream instead of a nightmare. I can show you how a designated spot for your keys, pocketbook, briefcase, etc. can transform your day. Doesn’t your day go great if you get out of the house stress free?


Have you always dreamed of parking your car in your garage? Have you seen those ads advertising a garage that looks like no one lives there? Yes, your garage can be organized. Let me show you how it can be done!

Children’s Room

Does your children’s room need to go from toddler stage to teenager? Are there special needs to take into consideration: ADD/ADHD, physical handicaps or learning spaces that need to be created? Now is the perfect time to implement this project, getting your child involved in the process will jump start his/her organized future!