So, you’re going to move. And, with that comes a tremendous amount of anticipation, excitement, a little apprehension mixed with a fair share of anxiety.  Logic dictates the first important question… Where do I begin? First, take a deep breath and focus on all that’s positive.  With a new home comes new beginnings, new friends, neighbors and so many more new memories.  But, where does one start with selling their home?  As a Professional Organizer, my goal is to help my clients navigate through the process.  Below are my tips on how to ease the stress and anxiety of selling a home:

-Write everything down.  Choose a notebook, or a device such as a Tablet or computer to keep a list of what comes to mind.  I refer to this as ‘busy brain’ so don’t take a chance on forgetting something important.  This includes any ideas, questions, or concerns.

-Choose a realtor you trust.  After all, this is a momentous and emotional decision.  Educate yourself on the current market value of your home so that there are no surprises.

-Dealing with your belongings can be harrowing…your clothes, all personal items, kitchen and cooking stuff, all furniture, things stored in the basement or garage. Then, what comes with you, what do you give to family, friends, loved ones, and what to donate. Ah, the ‘List.’  There’s nothing more rewarding than what my great aunt referred to as “giving with your eyes open.”  She said that it brought her much joy to see her treasures enjoyed by those she held dear and the needy.

-Take note of any fixing to be addressed and research vendors to get the repairs done.

-Take a detailed ‘tour’ of your home and carry your list or at least a pencil and paper with you for an accurate accounting of all you  have to deal with.

Next time I will talk about staging your home. Until then, if you are overwhelmed, a Professional Organizer is worth so much more than their weight and expertise, in gold.