What are people saying?

“I hired Nina to help reorganize my office. Nina was brilliant. She came in and totally reorganized my space. The space is much more efficient. I am so happy with the results and my new space. I do plan to use Nina again this time for a home project.”  ~ Michele ~

“Beyond simply cleaning out and organizing the space, you showed amazing compassion and understanding for the heart-wrenching emotion that I was going through.  You were so professional throughout the entire day and made me feel at ease through the extremely trying process of moving forward, but maintaining my memories of the past.  You left me with a home office that is completely reorganized and fully functional, while still being able to utilize some of the most important mementos from my past.  My heart is lighter and there is less stress in my life…my heart-felt thanks for all you did for me.” ~ Maryann ~

“We hired Nina to organize our basement. She took 10 years of stuff and really made it work for us! I would hire her again.” ~ Kate ~

“Nina came into my house and helped me with the task of “toss” or “keep”.  We cleared the closets, created bags of things to donate, (and she dropped them off) and Nina created a system for my sons sports gear.  She sorted and categorized all the medicine, first aid junk, and all the contents of my linen closet. I felt FREE after letting go of my “one day” pile and can’t wait to bring her back for another job…the organization is working and my closets still look great.”  ~ Stacey ~

For the last six months I have been pre-occupied with back problems and rehab.  I just seemed to be loosing my desire to do the things I had always done concerning my households duties. Although my house was still neat and clean the basement was another story.  I just let things pile up and anything that was laying around seemed to wind up there.  All my seasonal decorations including my summer, autumn, and Christmas were so unorganized that making a trip down the basement became depressing.  I had heard awhile ago that Nina had started a business (reorganization) exactly what I needed.  Of course I kept putting off calling her, but never stopped thinking of the idea. One day I happened to see her and asked her if she would be interested in helping me.   She gave me her card and a phone call later brought her to my home. (could this have been Divine Intervention…I wonder!!!! )  After checking things out to see what had to be done ,we made a date to get started.  Nina showed up on Tues. morning @9:30 and by 12pm the job I had dreaded was done.  The decorations were put into containers & labeled.  The things I had stored up over the years were put in Nina’s truck & delivered to Surrey Thrift Shop.  The trash was put in boxes and bags & Thurs. night  were put out in the  trash & gone by Fri. 6:30 AM.  One nice thing was a beautiful cradle that had never been used was donated to Catholic Social Services for a mother to be. I understand that she desperately needed a cradle and was soon ready to have her baby.  How good I felt about that!  I feel so much better & my basement looks neat  and clean again.  Thanks Nina you are a treasure!  COME AGAIN!!!  ~ Marion ~

I had a mess of a closet – unorganized and extremely small. Nina worked her magic and gave me some wonderful creative recommendations to help me organize my mess! She took one look and within minutes had 5 ideas! I highly recommend Nina to everyone that has a mess and needs some organization! Not only is she organized but a pleasure to work with!!! We all need some Divine Intervention in our lives”  ~ Laura ~

“I have had the pleasure of working with Nina for several years, and have not only employed her in my own home and office, but have also referred her to my clients. She brings her expertise to every project, and has a wonderful way of helping people organize their spaces without feeling invasive. Whenever I refer someone to a client, my reputation is riding on that referral. I had no qualms referring Nina, and my clients love her! Even though I am a very organized person, being a business owner does not leave a lot of extra time. Nina helped me with the monumental task of organizing my business files, and clearing out old files I no longer needed. I feel as if I have started the New Year a little lighter, and on the right track! Thank you Nina!”   ~ Kathleen ~

“Nina’s business name could not be more appropriate – Divine Intervention is exactly what I received after a stressful move. Nina unpacked our boxes and organized us so that our new home could be set up properly from the beginning. She started with the kitchen and organized our cabinets, pantry and drawers according to need and function. She then moved on to our clothes closets – which are grouped by color and type. Nina utilizes cabinets, shelves, boxes, bins and baskets that you already own so you do not have to invest in expensive details, yet she can also provide suggestions if you want to purchase some things.  Nina and Divine Intervention was a God send. She really made moving into our new home with two little girls seamless. I would highly recommend her services to anyone that needs a fresh start or who just needs less stress in their lives!” ~ Beth ~

“I am so grateful for Nina’s organizational expertise over the years! No project ever seems too daunting for her. Nina’s enthusiasm and dedication are evident from the start. She is a caring, sensitive woman with a strong desire to bring peace out of chaos. I cherish her gifts and talents!” ~ Christine ~